In full swing

Currently they are waiting for their work permits. As soon as they get them, they can apply for their visas. They would appreciate your prayers in this matter, as they must hand in the notice for their apartment three months before moving – which is at the end of this month. It would be great for them to know by then whether going to PNG in July is likely to happen. They believe that God is in control and He can always change circumstances even when things seem difficult.

Christopher and Lilli’s church has a café for refugees set up in the church building, which had started shortly before Silas was born. It is going really well and they are thoroughly enjoying it! It still gets ten to fifteen visitors each week. A few of the refugees attend regularly, others only every now and then. The team is still focusing on building relationships with them through chatting together while enjoying coffee and cake. After some free time, there is approximately an hour of teaching them some German and then, when time allows, people can enjoy each other’s company while talking, playing table tennis or table football. At the beginning of this year they started going there as a whole family and they all really enjoy it! Linda absolutely loves it there and tries to convince them every week to stay longer and not go home!

Pray for them and all the other leaders that they can establish and deepen good, solid relationships with those dear people! They were able to use the Easter event to explain to them in a simple way the true meaning of Easter. They would also appreciate your prayers that what people heard last Wednesday would sink into their hearts and not let them rest until they find peace with God.

Christopher and Lilli have had several speaking appointments in different churches and really enjoyed sharing about their motivation and their plans. They felt privileged to challenge other people to pray for missions or even get involved themselves in another way.

Christopher in particular enjoys investing time into personal discipleship and Lilli, too, is looking forward to getting involved in it more and more. They spend as much time as possible with friends, family and refugees (or friends from other countries).

In one of the churches they recently visited, Christopher and Lilli were reminded of God’s love for all people. The gender, nationality, position, intellect, etc. really does not matter. God wants all people to hear about Him and His Son Jesus Christ!

Please pray for Christopher and Lilli to learn to see all the people around them through Gods eyes and treat them accordingly. This will also be essential when they will be on the mission field in PNG working in a team with other missionaries.

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