In awe of God

Poul and Carol Joensen have enjoyed very special visits from family over the summer. Their son, Jonathan, returned from a short-term trip to Kenya and was able to spend a couple of weeks with them. He had lots of photos and experiences to tell. His days were full as he processed his trip and spent time with family and catching up with many friends. Please pray as he settles back in the south of England and gets involved in the church again along with part-time employment.

Poul is currently in Papua New Guinea, returning home in late October. He plans to do some teaching on Revelation for about two weeks in Sorimi, spending time with the people to see how they are doing. Then in Wewak town, he and two or three Sorimi men will work on the final draft of the last few portions of the Sorimi New Testament. Poul and Carol praise God that this is nearing an end!

After this trip Poul plans to work on the final processes towards a translation check on his next trip, potentially April 2023. (Then a long process of proofreading etc, etc towards printing). They are excited to see this happening, and in awe of how God has led them these past nine years since they returned from PNG to the UK. God has enabled them through prayer and provision for the trips back into Sorimi. Pray for good health for Poul, as he will be tested for covid upon arrival in PNG, and then has a tight schedule to accomplish his goals this trip. It is God’s work and they feel privileged to be His vessels in all HE has planned for this trip. Please also pray for many parts of PNG affected by a huge earthquake of 7.6, which has caused a lot of damage to homes and land. It was on the east coast, away from Sorimi so they may not have felt it.

Praise the Lord for a college full with student life again, some new to Bible college and others returning for the missionary training. Carol enjoys working as part of the personnel team with the students. Following Brexit, the visa status for European students changed; thankfully, they can still study at North Cotes. However, UK rules have changed regarding schooling, so Carol is part of the ‘Family Helper’ team for four children from European families. The first two weeks have gone well. Pray for another volunteer to help in this role.

The conference committee, which Carol also works with, is starting to prepare for the next conferences. March 24 – 27 for young people (approximate age 16-30), and June 16 – 18 for all ages. This is a great time to learn more about missions, hear first-hand reports, and be challenged about living lives for God.