Impacting lives

About half of the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament have been completed in the Sanapaná language of Paraguay. This week, another missionary with Faith Comes by Hearing organisation is visiting to do the audio recording of these translated portions. Pray for all the logistics to go well and for the native readers to be able to make clear recordings of these books. Once processed, solar audio players will be distributed. The recording will also be available in the app that can be accessed on mobile phones.

Pray that these audio and visual tools for hearing and reading God’s Word will help the people truly understand God’s truth and impact their lives.

We have all probably enjoyed listening to recorded portions of the Bible. One unique difference when doing recordings among smaller people groups is that many times the people can identify the voices of the readers. This can present unique challenges when working with an animistic culture. For example, if one of the readers dies, many people will no longer listen to the recordings as they fear the voice of the dead person. Pray that despite these challenges, God’s Word will spread and impact lives!