Even during a time when ministry is challenging in ways Tom and Beth Carlton never expected, they echo what the psalmist says – they have chosen to be faithful! Desiring to grow in godly character as they seek to make Him known!

As you can imagine, working within the reality of COVID has impacted their ministry. They find themselves in many virtual meetings. At first, this was annoying and frustrating, but now it is becoming the norm. One of the benefits of virtual meetings is their ability to connect with more people around the country and world. For example, Tom recently shared with a small group from a church in Mexico City. Last week he participated in a workshop with other leaders from five Latin American countries. Two weeks ago, they participated in a video call with prospective missionaries from the USA training centre. They routinely have field leadership and tribal consultancy meetings virtually, as well as times of group discipleship with the new families studying Spanish. So, while COVID has impacted their ability to meet face to face in groups, it has opened the door to other avenues of interaction and community.

Working from the main administration offices in Mexico they continue to be involved in the day-to-day function of the field. In terms of field news, they are thrilled to continue to work together with two families who are seeking to form a team to reach the Tseltal people. This is a new work, opening in a new state, and it is very exciting. Within this people group, various communities are desirous of a team coming and living among them to teach and translate the Scriptures. Please pray for the Tseltal team in formation!

More teaching materials for the Tarahumara people have been printed and are ready to be distributed! Praise God for more of His Word getting into the hands of indigenous people!

Tom and Beth’s children’s are schooling remotely, which has taken a lot of Beth’s time helping them but they are thankful for the mission school. The staff are doing their best to help as they do school from home!  Pray for their children as they struggle with being at home so much and are missing their friends.

Over the next couple of months, Tom and Beth will continue to be involved in the various ministry teams. They have several consultant trips they need to make but are unsure yet if it will be possible.

One of the things Tom and Beth love about the field of Mexico is the value of a team approach to ministry. The field is made of up many ministry teams. They thank God that He is giving creativity to move ahead and continue to see the lost reached! Pray that the Lord will continue to allow them to minister in creative ways to His glory!

Having served in Mexico for six years they are asking the Lord to make it possible for them to travel in this coming year to spend just a few months home assignment with their sending church, supporters and supporting churches in the USA. Pray that God would provide a place for them to stay and someone who can watch their house in Mexico while they are away.