Hugo and Mariana Morales desire to share the beautiful image of the magnitude of God, but also of His closeness to us with the Tseltal people of Mexico. They want them to hear and understand a message that is not confusing and unclear, but a message focused only on grace and the mercy of God and not in human power. Where people can really know God, and that He wants to have an intimate and deep relationship with man.

The villagers have not yet given permission for Hugo and Mariana to live in the village. Pray that their request will be granted soon so that they can immerse themselves in the Tseltal language and culture. They know that God has everything under control, He will show them what to do and how to do it even if living in the village is not possible.

In the meantime, Hugo and Mariana are visiting the village and attending the Tseltal church, where they will be working. Little by little, they are making relationships with the people who attend there.

This church has heard the Word of God in Spanish for many years. Sadly, most of the time a Gospel of works has been preached. That is why Hugo and Mariana desire to learn their language well in order to clearly, share the message of salvation by grace. They plan to disciple people, not only men (as is the norm in this culture) but also women and children.

Hugo and Mariana are very thankful to God for His love and faithfulness in their lives. They are thankful for prayers for their health. They went through difficult days, but every day they felt the embrace of God in many different ways. They thank God that He has completely restored them.

Thank you again for your prayers and support for Hugo and Mariana.