Norman and Bobby’s plan was to remain in Thailand until February next year. That was not to be as Bobby struggled with low energy levels and found it difficult to cope with day to day life. With a heavy schedule of travel and activities ahead they agreed it was best for her to return home following meetings but they would much prefer to work together.
Norman remained in Bangkok to meet with others who have a mutual interest in a neighbouring country. This was particularly helpful as they were about to visit that country for the next two weeks. At the beginning of their visit the team made a quick trip to a fairly remote tribal area and got a sense of the needs there. For the rest of their time in that country the team had a busy teaching schedule. Once again they were impressed by the hunger for God’s Word and tremendous need for teaching and resources. The doors seem wide open for them to continue to assist the Body of Christ in this place.
Norman then returned to Thailand in time for the annual field conference. He was encouraged each day by challenges from God’s Word, by times of prayer and fellowship. One new missionary family attended this year and the field look forward to other new workers joining them in the coming year. In reports from around the field those attending the conference were reminded that four teams are developing lessons and should be teaching in the near future, also New Testament translation is nearing completion in two languages.
Throughout the rest of his time in Thailand Norman had much to do; meetings with co-workers and friends from the Thai church, helping with plans for a ministry relocation, and more. There are a number of trips planned to Asia in the coming year.
Bobby has been doing well since she returned to the UK and has been able to get back to work in the office. Her mother needs some more support now so she has been helping with her needs too.

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