Hungry for fellowship and worship

Keep praying for the Bible teachers who carry a heavy load of discipling the believers and teaching several days a week. The church has meetings for kids and teens and women, plus the church leadership are meeting together faithfully. Six days a week the church also meets for a time of singing, prayer and testimony time. The people in the Mengen village where Becky lived are hungry for times of fellowship and worship.

Pray for the Mengen missionaries who are involved in seeing God’s Word going forth to people who live a good distance away from their home villages. Two couples are on their own in their ministry. It can be exhausting and overwhelming for them and they need our support and prayers.

In February and March, the Lord provided a place for Becky to housesit, which was a great blessing. However, she knew that she would eventually need a place of her own.

Just a couple of weeks ago a house was found that seems just right for Becky. It is pretty much move-in ready, so at the end of this month, she will be settling into her own place for the first time.

One of the first things Becky needs to do is to get her office space set up so that she can get back into translation work once again. She has quite a bit of work to do before she returns to PNG in September. Becky still needs to go through the final corrections of Matthew, John, Hebrews and Revelation before the final check with the mission consultants in October. She also needs to go through all the other NT books; spell checking, formatting them, and getting them ready to be printed once the other books are finalised. The Mengen believers are really anxious to have God’s Word in their hands.

Over the past couple of weeks, Becky has experienced another MS flare-up and is looking forward to having an MRI in May to see if the MS medication is doing its job. She is also scheduled for gallbladder surgery in June.

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