Jason and Nisae Williamson serve among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea and are currently back in the USA on home assignment! They have already been back for over two months, and since their arrival travelled in three states to see their kids and family. During their time home they will also be connecting with their support team. They are enthusiastic to share how God is building His kingdom in Iski. Jason is also trying to finish translating/drafting the last four chapters of the Iski New Testament!

Recently the Iski people went through a very intense and prolonged flood season. The Ramu river that they live alongside exceeded normal flooding levels by almost four feet and lasted for more than a couple of weeks. This flooding devastated all their gardens, destroying all the yams, sweet potatoes, bananas and everything they depended on for food over the following few months. On top of that it destroyed many homes, and because of the lack of clean water they have also battled an increase of malaria and other sicknesses. Despite all of this, the church leaders have not lost their trust and hope in God’s provision, they are still joyful, trusting God, and thankful for the little food He’s provided for them.

Although it is not possible to eliminate all their hunger, Jason, Nisae and others have shown love and compassion by helping to send in some bags of rice and are continuing to provide supplies.

On an encouraging note, the Iski church has started a literacy programme in a neighbouring village across the river. In 2019 during the outreach a few people from the village attended the outreach meetings, and the missionary team visited them regularly in their village to chat with them and talk about the Gospel. However, after a few weeks they had to stop going to this village, because the majority of the population was opposed to the teaching

God has been at work, and many are no longer opposed, and believers are free to visit their village! The literacy programme is underway as a prelude to the outreach that is expected to begin later this year. Those who learn to read will benefit from being able to read Scripture during the outreach. Please be praying for the Iski church elders as they prepare for this outreach, and for the Iski Bible teacher team who will be taking on this new responsibility, along with the teaching in their church as well.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Iski church and for Jason, Nisae and family!