How shall they hear?

This year there are several tribal groups around the world who for the very first time will celebrate Christmas. Several groups also received the New Testament in their own language this year.
In Senegal the Budik people waited for many years to be able to read the Bible in their own language. Now they can read the New Testament whenever they want.
Jim and Marge ask ‘What makes their work at the NTM headquarters in the USA profitable?’ ‘Are they just doing a job or is there a reason for the headquarters?’
Notice the miscellaneous information below:
1. NTM is working with 259 people groups.
2. This year seven groups have heard the Gospel for the first time.
3. 105 New Testaments are in the process of being translated.
4. The mission has over 50 invitations to tribes who are still waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
5. Every 15 days the mission begins a church planting work in a new tribal group.
6. There are nearly 700 people in training around the world to reach those still waiting to hear.
Praise the Lord with Jim and Marge for all that is happening around the world through NTM.
Jim and Marge play a small part in seeing these tribal groups reached and thank the Lord for the opportunity to continue to serve Him in this way.
Pray for the teaching that continues in many tribal areas around the world that the Lord will draw many of these people to Himself.
Jim and Marge continue to lead a team of retired missionaries to a local nursing home each Tuesday. They thank the Lord for the opportunity to sing to them and share with them the Word of God.
Continue to pray for the nursing home ministry. A number of the people who attend the meetings know the Lord but there are others who need the Lord as they live out the last years. Pray for wisdom in what Jim and Marge share from the Word each week.
Jim also continues to teach a Sunday school class each week at their church. This past year Jim taught through the last part of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation and is currently finishing up the Minor Prophets. He really enjoys teaching each week and doing the study needed to be prepared.

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