Recently Olga has been busy moving into the apartment she rents with Candace from the USA. They drove to different stores looking for furniture. This was so exhausting, not knowing and understanding what was available or what was a reasonable price to pay. They also had to figure out about their neighbourhood, who their neighbours are, what shops are close to the apartment and which buses to use and to get off. Their first experience taking the bus on their own was that they both suddenly had the feeling it was going in the wrong direction. So they got off and took a taxi instead. In the end they figured out that it was the right bus after all! But now taking the bus is a part of Olga’s routine.
Because the Paraguayan people are so busy in the week, it wasn’t easy for Olga to find someone to help her learn Spanish. But praise the Lord she has now found three language helpers. All of them are from her church!
Olga’s host church takes good care of her. They try to do everything they can to make Olga feel comfortable and not miss her family too much. But it is still frustrating for both parties because of the language barrier. Olga has to go out a lot and spend her time with the people to learn the culture and practice her Spanish.
She has already had the opportunity to go to a theatre and learn something about Paraguayan history and see some traditional dances.
Olga praises the Lord that she doesn´t have to be alone and she and Candace get on well with each other. Pray that Olga will be able to deal with her homesickness and that with the help of her language helpers she will learn Spanish quickly.
Also pray for the Manjui tribe as they received the NT and part of the OT at the end of May. Pray that the believers would read God´s word and grow in their faith.
Pray for the Mbya tribe. Two families moved to this tribe in January and are having problems learning the language. There is a rumour in the tribe that the missionaries want to sell their language and so the people have stopped teaching them. Currently the missionaries are focusing on building relationships and hope that through that they will be able to learn the language again.

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