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They were able to catch up with family and a few friends before heading off for conferences. Since the beginning of September they have been speaking in various churches throughout N. Ireland and Paul has been recovering from being in hospital.

Paul had his appendix removed. The consultant told them Paul had a very unusual case with vasculitis of the colon causing the appendicitis. Paul will need to go for further tests and procedures. Pray that they will be able to get to the bottom of the issue and that complete healing can take place. It could be something related to tropical medicine. God’s timing was amazing! They were very glad to be back in the UK when this flared up… no need for a medivac to Australia!

Paul and Lesley’s diaries are booking up quickly after Christmas. They have another three to four months before things get very busy for them in the run up to leaving for PNG again in July.

Callum who is now eleven years old has been kept busy with AQE preparation over the last few months and is very happy now to be finished with his three tests. He has been enjoying after-school sports, church youth activities, swimming lessons and spending time with the family.
Amy has been enjoying P5 at the local primary school and has been taking part in after-school netball and the school choir. She has also joined a gymnastics club nearby, and loves it. She has been improving in her swimming too.
Lydia has been attending P1 until 2pm each day and has enjoyed learning what school is all about. They can see her gaining confidence each week in writing and being able to read simple words. She is loving all the new experiences being in N. Ireland brings.
Pray for the children as they continue to deal with all the transitions and life in N. Ireland.

Paul and Lesley are very thankful for a car that they can use now and take back to PNG after their time in the UK and for continued provision for all their financial needs as a family. As they prepare to return to PNG in July, they have a lot to gather up and many people still to catch up with. Pray that they would divide their time wisely.

Paul and Lesley share that recently the leaders from nine churches that NTM has helped to plant in the lowlands came together for an inter-church conference. This was organised by their local church leaders and not by the mission and each group of church leaders had a slotted time to teach. The missionaries who were there to listen were impressed and encouraged by the maturity and clear and honest teaching.

For years now NTM has had missionaries in the Islands area of the nation learning culture and language in preparation for the chronological Bible teaching. This is now underway and there is a good level of interest in the teaching. However, there is also strong opposition from other religious groups. Please pray!

Another tribal church planting works is progressing well with the men in the team recently finishing their last language and culture evaluation. The ladies are also getting closer to finishing although they have had the extra responsibility of home schooling their young families and managing their home. Please pray for the team as they begin to prepare literacy materials and teaching lessons from the Bible.

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