Jonathan, Naomi, and family who serve in West Africa are currently on home assignment in the UK.

In January, Jonathan and Naomi spent time with their UK-based teammates learning more about the history of the people group they are hoping to work among and are grateful to the Lord for those helpful conversations.

Please pray that the Lord would open the door to the village that they would like to move to as a team, and give them much wisdom in interpreting the situation and acting wisely with humility and insight to know how they should move forward.

Since returning to the UK they have spent time catching up with family, friends and their church, including the special blessing of being able to spend Christmas with their families. They have also started visiting different churches and have spent time discussing future plans with colleagues, their wider team and their church elders.

The children have been enjoying visiting their grandparents, swimming lessons, making friends, bike rides, and chicken pox (maybe slightly less enjoyment for this last one…!). They are thankful for how well they have adapted to being back in the UK.

Jonathan and Naomi’s aims for this time in the UK include deputation meetings and preaching at various churches, and reconnecting with friends, family and supporters. They plan to attend conferences and be involved in beach missions. Taking time to rest and recharge after a demanding three years is also needful; as well as working on team strategy in preparation for joining a church planting work when they return in to West Africa in September.

Naomi is currently home schooling the children and enjoying it, but they are conscious that when they return to West Africa in September it will be hard for her to be as involved in language learning and relationship-building as they would like, if she is still home schooling full time. They are therefore in search of help! Please pray concerning this matter.