Home assignment

God has given Boris and Valentina with Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea great memories as they prepare for home assignment in Germany. There are some uncertainties but they rest in the fact that God knows how it will be. He is there and He has everything in His hand. Thank you God!

They look forward to seeing friends and family in Germany, but it means saying goodbye in the Philippines. The boys in particular are going through a very emotional phase. Pray for their hearts that God will give them peace and self-control, and for Boris and Valentina to have wisdom and understanding in parenting.

As they prepare, Valentina and Benaja are still completing the first year of school. Boris is the ‘construction manager’ for a fairly large, spontaneous, renovation project at the guesthouse. (It is wise to use the time when travel is restricted to bring the guesthouse up to scratch).

Pray for Boris as he oversees the project, that the most important steps will be completed before he leaves and that the rest of the work on site will be finished well and accurately in his absence.

They plan to begin their journey towards the end of this month. Please pray that everything will go smoothly. They are thankful for a great apartment in Germany for the next six months. In addition, that a car and bicycles have already been provided. They are infinitely grateful to God and to all who prayed for them and supported them.

They are all looking forward to flying again, but the long-haul flight with a one year old can be very exhausting. Please pray that the children, especially Zea, will cope well.

They plan to stay in Germany until the beginning of January.