Home assignment

Lesley has been helping a national boy who has been fighting a bone infection in his femur for three years. After a long time in hospital and lots of physiotherapy with Lesley he finally returned to his remote tribe last month. He has very limited movement of his knee, and his leg is 7cm shorter, but God has allowed him to keep his leg, and he is excited to tell everyone. Pray for him as he adjusts to bush life again, that his leg would remain strong so he can get around well and hike twice a week to/from school, four hours away. Lesley has really enjoyed helping him get back on his feet again.

Callum, Amy and Lydia are starting to get excited about the chance to do life a little differently in the coming months as they will be back in Northern Ireland on home assignment in June. Paul and Lesley are ready for a break from PNG and look forward to reconnecting with church, family and friends as well. They are thankful for good health and ask for prayer that this would continue as they pack up.
Praise the Lord that flights are booked and they have a car for their time at home… pray that they’ll soon have somewhere to live!They are excited to have the opportunity to be part of the Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention in August and already have other church meetings arranged.

Pray for Paul and Lesley as they transition back temporarily, to life in N.I and especially pray for Callum, Amy and Lydia for friends and that they would enjoy school at Donaghadee Primary.
Pray for the many areas of need for personnel in NTM PNG; teachers, medical workers, finance team, centre maintenance to name a few!

Paul and Lesley are thankful for those standing with them in prayer as they continue their adventure as a family with God. He is still building His church amongst remote peoples in PNG!

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