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Paul and Marina took two Loron men with them to Senegal to help in developing the new course, and these men had an experience of a lifetime. Neither of them had ever seen the ocean, or any large body of water for that matter, nor had they ever been in an aeroplane or on a boat, so everything was very new for them. Together they were able to complete a full draft of a brand new literacy course, and they trust that when it is checked and printed that it will greatly help the Loron people to more quickly learn how to read and write in their own language so that they will be able to have personal access to the Word of God.

At the beginning of September Paul and Marina spent a week in Burkina Faso doing a literacy seminar with a small group of NTM missionaries working there. They had a very profitable time reflecting on the importance of literacy in evangelism and church development. They also looked at some practical steps for two new teams of missionaries who will soon begin culture and language learning ministry in village communities. Pray for these teams as they prepare to live and work among the Bolon and Vigue [vee-gay] people.

Paul and Marina travelled to their village in Ivory Coast to visit the Loron believers. They were still recovering from the passing of a dear Loron believer, one of the first Loron Christians, but it was encouraging to see that the Lord has already been raising up new people to take on some of the responsibilities in the church that had been previously performed by him. Recently the believers held a special all-night gathering to commemorate and thank the Lord for the life and ministry of this dear brother.

In recent months Paul and Marina’s parents have been struggling with a range of serious health issues. They have all been very supportive of them for decades as they have served the Lord in West Africa and Paul and Marina believe that they need to take some time to focus on their mums and dads and be involved in whatever way they can with their care. So, they returned to Northern Ireland this week to help share the load with their siblings.

Paul and Marina have brought literacy and translation work home with them, and one of their main goals over the next few months is to finalise the new reading and writing course for the Loron language, and to print a trial copy to take with them when they make a trip to Ivory Coast in January. They will also be preparing to host a well-drilling team which is planning to come to their village in early March.

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