Holding life loosely

With each passing day, Phil, Elin, Callie and Elias Henderson’s plans continue to change. However, finally, it appears that they have some forward momentum. The school Elias attends, sent out a notice that they will resume in-person classes in just over a week. They knew that this was a possibility, so they have been slowly preparing to fly to Kenya. He is very excited to return to school, reunite with his friends, and enjoy the remainder of his senior year.

Phil will stay for a while to see how Elias does readjusting to school. Assuming all goes well, Phil will make his way to Mozambique to spend about two months working as hard as he can on translation, lesson development, discipleship, and leadership development (not to mention just catching up with people and assessing the condition of their home).  Elin will remain with Elias, keeping busy helping out as needed on campus, while also working on projects for the Mwinika, mostly related to literacy.

Callie is graduating from Bible College this month and going to work at a summer camp from May until August, staying in the USA. She has applied to Columbia International University for the autumn term and is waiting to hear from the admissions department.

Please pray:

•             For open doors as they move forward with plans to return to Africa

•             For safety and smooth travels along the way

•             For continued healing for Elias and for a good remainder of the year for him

•             For Phil as he returns to work among the Mwinika; that this will be a profitable and encouraging time for all.

•             For guidance for Callie as she makes future decisions

•             For Elin as she support Elias, her heart is also hurting, missing the Mwinika people and longing to be with them again.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers.