Holding it all lightly

Last September Albert, Lynne and Stevie Castelijn were ‘meant’ to be back in Australia for another home assignment. Of course, like so many others, what they thought they were ‘meant’ to do obviously was not what God had for them.

But … holding it all lightly with open hands before the all-wise God, they have now booked tickets for September, 2021. They are grateful to their parents who understood why they chose to stay the extra year.  It has not been easy for them. They are so thankful for the intense translation work, which has powered ahead during this last year because they could stay.

Many of their colleagues who left last year still have not been able to return to the Philippines. Thankfully, the borders are finally opening a fraction just this month.

It is over twenty years since Albert and Lynne first went to the Philippines, and they are ever closer to the goal of completing the Banwaon New Testament translation. They took the baton from the wonderful missionaries who went before them and continued to teach and disciple the Banwaon church.

Despite the challenges, they find it pure joy to see them continue to grow and mature as believers and as a functioning church body.

Between now and September they have a huge amount to accomplish –

  • Four New Testament books in various stages of completion
  • Ongoing discipleship of the church elders and Bible teachers
  • Bible lessons to be written
  • The Banwaon High School – a teacher’s cottage to be built, a senior high building to start, ongoing negotiations to fully hand things over to the Department of Education
  • Stevie’s Year 11 schooling to complete before October
  • Packing up the house and, in some places, rebuilding things so it doesn’t fall down or get eaten away while they are gone

Stevie’s school requires him to start his Year 12 studies in Australia, beginning in Term 4; that is the end of September this year. They do not know how things will pan out for next year, but one thing is for sure …, they WILL be coming back! The job is nearing completion, but not quite done yet.

THANK YOU for your partnership through prayer.

*Thanks to HalleProject for the Banwaon photo