His strength

“I cannot live and work here in my own strength and am daily sustained only by His grace through your prayers.” This is how Becky Noble an associate teacher working at the mission school in Papua New Guinea began her recent update.

Becky arrived back in PNG on 27th July after some time back in the UK. She is enjoying spending time with the local church folk on Sundays, reconnecting with missionary friends at the mission base and getting to know new people too.

Her main role is to teach whole-class music lessons to the students in the mission school and she has also been organising individual instrumental tuition. She has managed to get lessons sorted for over twenty students so far on flute, trombone, piano and guitar. She has started teaching five students piano and will be adding more to her schedule in the coming weeks. She has been covering some library lessons too. One of their tasks was to design a drink carton inspired by the Roald Dahl book they have been reading. Several students took this challenge to a new level and actually made their drinks.

Last Friday the “Yumi Singsing” choir was launched. PNG folk were encouraged to join to prepare for singing at PNG Independence Day on Sept 16th. Nearly twenty local citizens joined the existing 37 members and had a great time, but Becky hopes for more this week.

Becky gives thanks that her PNG friend is now back working in the school. They have fun working together and Becky loves to see her at Bible teaching sessions and Saturday evening socials.