His praise

Phil and Elin are always asking God to expand their reach and help them to improve their ability to communicate and translate His Word. They recently spent two weeks in Tanzania with their teammates at a workshop on language analysis that has helped them do just that. They look forward to implementing what they have learned and working on a more thorough analysis of the eMwinika language in order to be even clearer in their communication of God’s Word.

Their son Elias has been accepted at the school he wished to attend. Last month he spent a week there so that he could experience school and dorm life. It was a bit overwhelming for him but he did well and can now envision himself being a part of life there. Pray for continued peace in his heart regarding this decision.

Please continue to pray for Callie. The next few weeks and months will be very important as to her future at the school. Pray that she will be able to stay motivated and grow in responsibility.

Pray for the Mwinika church.

Outreach: Evangelistic teaching will start up again this month in a nearby village. Pray for God to move!

Literacy: It got off to a good start. They are encouraged to see the students grasping the concepts well and the enthusiasm of the teachers.

Translation: I Timothy is in progress and the book of Daniel is next in line. Pray for uninterrupted, concentrated time for the team to make good progress with the limited amount of time they have together.

Bible teaching: They will keep working through I Corinthians and begin to prepare lessons for the second half of the life of David. The first baptism is coming up soon. Pray for growth!

Discipleship: As more believers are added to the body, this job continues to grow. Phil and Elin are always asking God for strength and wisdom as they come along side these new believers. Praise the Lord some of the older believers are also seeing the need for discipleship and joining them in this ministry.

Thank you for your continued prayers and your part in seeing His praises being declared among the Mwinika people and beyond!

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