His clay

Regina Kowert is serving with Ethnos360.de at the German headquarters. She has been reading up on pottery making as next month she would like to go to a pottery class with her nephews. Fresh clay is not suitable for immediate use; aged clay is always more plastic. We are so used to “fast und quick and immediate” that it influences our spiritual life too. We want quick results and change and growth. One African villager said to a missionary in Guinea: “It is good, if it takes a lot of time.”

Sometimes it is hard to step aside or step back and allow God to use us even though every gift and all recourses belong to him. But God loves to use the fragile jars; the true value is inside and is from God, not from us.

Regina has been challenged to plan ahead and prepare for things in good time. So recently, she met with some co-workers to plan a camp (in August) for missionary kids on home assignment. In April, a friend will visit and they will plan the kid’s programme for Thailand (in October). They are planning a kid’s programme for Senegal (in January) with a couple in the USA via Skype. Pray for God’s guidance, good teamwork and that they would be a real blessing to the kids.

Pray also for the short termers who have applications in process (during December until April), pre field preparation (in June) or re-entry seminary (in September) during the year. All this has to be organised by a cross-cultural team. Regina has the chance to get a glimpse behind the scenes and learn from those in charge.