im had a long period of on and off illness. At one point flying to Cairns, Australia for help was considered but thank the Lord, Jim recovered on the field through the care of the mission medical centre. Just recently, Judy needed to go to Brisbane for a long awaited health check (it turned out okay). They also used their time in Brisbane as a break and had a wonderful time seeing many of their friends.

National elections and campaigning in the months of April – August were a time of disruption for the ministry as well. They saw the Sunday service and Bible study attendance drop off. Thankfully, interest has picked up again. Please pray for the Dom people to continue to desire to attend.

For much of the year they taught through 1st and 2nd Peter on Sundays reading out of the Dom New Testament. It has been a joy for Jim and Judy to see the Dom believers all turning the pages of their vernacular Bibles together and reading along. The mother tongue translation of God’s Word is making a difference in many lives. Praise God!

Judy’s weekly Tuesday night women’s’ Bible study continues as well as Jim’s Monday and Thursday night Old Testament teaching. Nightly rainstorms kept people away all too often and at times they had to cancel altogether but they press on and teach at every opportunity.

Their co-workers, Gerolf and Mailis Wuest (Richard 5 and Christian 2) continue to be such a blessing in both the ministry and Jim and Judy’s lives. Gerolf is hard at work learning the Dom language and culture. Mailis is busy home schooling Richard and keeping up with busy little Christian.
The mountain road has deteriorated a great deal this year thanks to all the rain and nearly no maintenance. This road is their only access in and out of the Dom. They can still drive on it when the weather is dry. When the rain has turned the road to a red clay mess, they can put chains on the back tires and power their way out in emergencies. However, they foresee the day coming when the road may become impassable.

Please pray that somehow the road draws the attention of those with the power to do something about it.

Jim and Judy’s Bible teacher and friend, that came to them with sores in his mouth, finally went into town to see the doctor and it ended up being mouth cancer. In early October, he had surgery by the only head and neck doctor in the area. The surgery took nine hours. He was in the hospital for a month. He can talk with some impediment. His left side is still swollen. He is taking medication once a week for three months. He needs radiation treatment, but the only radiation doctor in the country recently passed away. Please pray that his cancer will not return.

Heather, Jim and Judy’s daughter, plans to travel to Papua New Guinea in June or July for a year to help in the mission school. They look forward to her being in the country. Please pray as she completes all the paperwork necessary and for the necessary level of support.

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