Axel and Sandi had a blessed time in Germany with their families and church friends. Some of the highlights were Christmas time for sure, the birth of their daughter Lilly on January 23rd and a one week Easter vacation in Denmark with Sandra’s parents and all of her siblings with their families. Axel and Sandi also used their time to get medical checks, visiting with friends and presenting the work in Pal to supporters in churches and house groups. Going back into the tribe with Lilly will also bring some new challenges. It will be a big transition for Tom too as he learnt a lot of German and many other new things during home assignment. His grandparents and great grandma spent countless and priceless hours with him and they are so thankful for their support and love. Tom loves them dearly, so pray for him over the next few weeks as he will realises that they aren’t there with them in in PNG.
Before they left for home assignment Axel and Sandi were able to remodel their house. Skilled volunteers from the Lapilo and Sobega bases helped them for ten days. With their help they managed to build an extension to the house (an office and veranda), moved the main entrance, built a staircase inside the house and rearranged almost every interior wall. They also cut bigger windows and did a lot of rewiring.
Axel is glad for all the skills he acquired, as they will help him maintaining the house in the years to come. Now they need to paint the walls, install the solar electricity system and finish with some minor projects.
While they were in Germany for home assignment the second Literacy class was in full swing in Pal. Two students from the first class of fourteen now teach the group and they are doing a wonderful job.
Axel and Sandi’s co-workers the Hostetters and Claasens are working diligently at the translation projects that are necessary to start the chronological teaching lessons this summer. It is a blessing but also quite a challenge to have several translators working at the same time. Each one has his unique style of translating and is doing it for the first time.
They needed the cooperation with the Pal people about the location where the teaching should take place. Since their tribe lives quite spread out and coming to any meeting point involves intense hiking for many people it was tricky to find a good spot. It will be a challenge for the community to come each day with all men, women and children and also to provide enough food for all. They need to get this in their gardens, which are often quite far away. The missionary team also wanted their own families to be able to attend the teaching as often as possible to show that ‘this talk’ is for everyone and that it is really important. When the community was asked to decide between two sites, they agreed on one location. That was great! On top of that, this site is very close to the missionaries’ homes. God is great! The school building proved to be in a good location and the team hopes that the teaching site will be too!
The time of the Chronological teaching is without a doubt one of the highlights in the bush missionary’s ministry. Preaching the word of God for the first time to a people group in their own language is a privilege but also a huge task. Before the teaching is usually a very intense Satan is restless and does not want to give up his claims easily. Pray for Axel and Sandi and the other missionary families and as a team as well as for the Pal community. Pray for the preparation of the hearts of the Pal people ready for the teaching in the summer.

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