A highlight for everyone was a family reunion that they were able to have with the whole family; it had been over five years since the last one. Another highlight was Annika’s brother’s wedding.
Karis has continued to stay healthy since arriving in the USA and has not needed hospital care. They were able to get insurance coverage for her three days before they left the UK which was an answer to prayer, but they thank the Lord she has not needed to use it.
Simon will be doing a lot of travelling to churches over the next month so please pray for safety. He is speaking at their church in the USA for the next two weeks. After that he has a couple of meetings in Wisconsin and a couple in Minnesota; lots of driving, so pray for him to be alert and for safety. Also pray for those he will be speaking to, that hearts will be open to listen and hear and Lord willing see for themselves the need there is for the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
Praise God that Noah has a place in the same school as Nya and will move on with his classmates from nursery – this will be a great support during operation time.
Pray for the continued work amongst the Mengen people. The ministry is growing and so are the practical needs, pray for God’s supply. The church has also recently lost a few folks as they have been having a specific challenge in the church about being doers of the word and not attendees only. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel as Simon is playing football with old and new friends in a local football league.
Also pray for Simon and Annika as when they return to the UK they will face the prospect of getting Karis booked with Dr’s for further investigation and then book her operation in Aug/Sept; they still have no definite date.

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