Benjamin, Missy, Tiernan and Silas Hatton were thankful for prayer as they said goodbye to Judah and Gianna in the USA and headed back to PNG. God’s grace was very evident in all their lives and they experienced far fewer tears than they were anticipating. Their hearts were prepared which was such an answer to prayer.

On arrival, their Amdu friends warmly greeted them. All the important things related to their house in the bush were working well enough to do life easily from day one. Transitioning back into the routine of life in the village went smoothly. Being only four in a place where they have always been six brought them to tears many times but God is establishing Judah and Gianna and sustaining the four of them too, and they praise Him for that.

Re-establishing fellowship with the Amdu Church was the great highlight of their return to the village. They had been without any missionary presence for some months before they returned.  During that time, they continued to meet on their own to read Scripture and to fellowship around the truth. Hearing their testimony of trusting Christ’s finished work on the cross was very sweet. Since their initial salvation testimonies, they have grown so much and it was great for Benjamin and Missy to hear new expressions of deeper, more mature faith that is only attributable to the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Missy has been translating the book of Ephesians. The consultant check showed that apart from a few places that were unclear, the book as a whole is properly translated and ready to be printed and used by the Amdu Church! The Amdu language helper was very encouraged to hear this book in his language for the first time.  He cannot wait for it to be taught to all the believers.

Benjamin and Missy have been meeting with the believers three times a week in preparation for studying this new book together. Sunday and Wednesday meetings have been focused on reviewing key portions of the book of Acts and Romans to try to bring several groups of believers to the same place of understanding, better preparing them to understand the truths that they will encounter as they study Ephesians.

They also meet with the some believers on Friday mornings to teach Bible Study skills. It has been less academic and more spiritually rewarding than they anticipated. They are thrilled with how much the believers are enjoying these meeting times. Pray that this will be the start of training leaders for the future equipping of the Amdu Church.

Pray for:

Judah and Gianna who are finishing their third of four terms at Ethnos360 Bible Institute, EBI.

Tiernan who is halfway through his senior year of high school and plans to attend EBI in August 2024, and that he continues seeking the Lord every day, making the most of this last season of his life in Amdu.

Silas as he anticipates being an ‘only child’ when Tiernan leaves, and that he will see it as a special gift from God to use, and grow through.

Wisdom for Benjamin and Missy to divide their time between family and ministry needs, and that they will find the joy of the Lord to be their strength each day.

Skill and endurance for the task of translation and disciple making.

The growing Amdu Church. That all the believers will grow more and more confident of their standing before God in Christ and in their ability to share the Gospel effectively.

The Amdu people to dedicate themselves to becoming better readers so they can study God’s Word more effectively on their own.

That God would grow the Amdu believers in unity, and in taking a stand in the community for Jesus through the study of the book of Ephesians, starting shortly after Christmas.

Pray for provision for Benjamin, Missy, and family’s travels to the USA in May 2024. They will be returning for some months to see Tiernan settled into his new life there. They are looking to God for a vehicle for him as well as trusting God for the funds necessary for the round trip they will be making.