High Gear

Jim and Judy Burdett saw less and less participation to the point where they put the Bible studies on hold but Sunday services were still held whether many or few attended. They stayed busy though, working on Bible lessons, literacy curriculum and other ministry related materials.

The elections are now over and things have settled back to normal for the most part other than some residual fallout. Jim and Judy with co-workers Gerolf and Mailis Wuest are now ready to getthings back into high gear ministry wise.

They had a meeting with their Dom believers last week to talk about these things, including the rebuilding of the church house. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Bible studies have recommenced. Jim will also start back on the Dom New Testament revision for the next printing.

Sadly, the village that was the original location of ministry many years ago was recently ransacked but the church building was left alone. This has put a damper on the teams plan to build a small house there to live in and itinerantly from week to week in order to teach the Dom literacy and hold Bible studies. No one is there to teach and Jim and Judy do not know when the Christians will return and rebuild their homes. Please pray.

Jim and Judy are looking forward to the annual conference, which is a great opportunity to enjoy ministry and have fun and fellowship with their other mission co-workers, some of whom they rarely see through the year.

In November, Jim and Judy Jim would like to go to Australia for a routine health check for Judy. Pray that the Lord would work it out for them. In addition, their daughter Heather, is still trusting God for the finances to teach science at NTM’s missionary school in PNG for the 2017-2018 school year. Pray that she can get the support that she needs.

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