Here and Now

In March Steve and Gerdine Stanley led a group of 15 Dutch young people over to the Reach Conference in North Cotes, a weekend all about missions. They had a great time as leaders and an amazing bonus for them was seeing lots of old friends again and feeling at home.
Even though they’ve been to many of these events before, it’s still an encouragement. Steve and Gerdine had the opportunity to talk to some PNG veterans and get advice from them.
Steve and Gerdine will be moving back to the UK mid- August. They’ll work at North Cotes from September until Christmas as a day job, but the real reason they are returning to the UK is to sort Gerdine out with an English bank account, UK self-employment and a national insurance number. They are also looking forward to spending as many evenings and weekends with friends and family as possible as they move into their last phase of preparation. Steve and Gerdine are really grateful that God helps them in the big things, the small things and the details.
Recently Steve was invited to speak at an international students’ spring retreat. Twenty-six nationalities were represented by around 60 students for a really fun weekend. Steve taught (in English) three sessions on the topic ‘made for relationship’, looking at the purpose for which God made us according to the Bible. It was great practise in speaking and they were able to show the Yembi Yembi video, which really touched many people’s hearts. Steve and Gerdine are praying for God to use it to create more missionaries!
It’s been really fun for Steve and Gerdine to be involved in this Friday night group Stars @ the root, teaching through the Bible chronologically. They have just reached the NT and are starting to see all the pieces weave together. They’re praying that God’s Word could do amazing things in people’s lives and for wisdom in how the group can continue when they finish. Steve won’t be able to continue helping with the teaching, but hopefully people have enjoyed it enough that they want to carry it on!
Steve and Gerdine plan to leave for PNG sometime between the 18th – 23rd January 2016. Both Amsterdam and London are possible departure points right now; there are still a mountain of details for them to wade through. Pray for their upcoming visa application, particularly that timing would work out. They need to send their passports to the embassy, but they also need them in August to get into the UK!
In May Steve and Gerdine have a presentation at a Church (in English). Pray that they would be a blessing.

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