Heavily burdened

Recently, the missionary team among the Kendawangan taught about the birth of Jesus Christ. They introduced Jesus as the one who God promised would make a way for man to be released from Satan’s trap and restored to a right relationship with God. Pray for the missionaries to have supernatural ability to communicate the greatest of all messages.
Pray for those who have been attending the meetings to keep showing up for these very important lessons.
Paul and Irene are trusting God for helpers to continue to work through lessons as well as the translation portions they use in the lessons. This has been a huge struggle for Irene and Andrea, their co-worker, as they are working on comprehension checking the Scripture portions needed for the lessons.
Recently the team witnessed a ceremony that is held after a very long dry season. The river is poisoned with a root to numb the fish and upset the ‘Spirits’, so that they will send rain. People from near and far wait in the river in the hope of catching fish that float past.
Their co-worker, Tim, had a bad skin reaction to something when he went into the river. Pray for healing.

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