Hearts need to be softened

The Lord gave the missionary team among the Ga’dang in the Philippines the endurance to teach through Phase 1, three times a week which ended up being spread over nine months. They found a way to follow the local health protocols, and continued to teach despite a four-month break in the middle.

At least one person has expressed understanding of grace. They will continue to see how the Lord waters and bears fruit from the seed that has been sown.

Polter and Claudi Pulac will continue on with teaching and children’s ministry while Dennis and Valerie Easton and family are on home assignment.

The Eastons are very excited about  their upcoming home assignment. Their term has been stretched to four-and-a-half years due to COVID and they are ready!  They are very thankful for Dennis’ parents and sister who have been preparing a place for them to quarantine on their arrival and a place to live. Home assignment during these weird times does not look like what they dreamed it would be.  They are all dealing with some discouragement. Please pray that they will be able to make some good memories with friends and family and get the rest they need.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to take His Word and save the Ga’dang people.  Many hearts have been engrained with a works-based gospel. Pray that the truth of the Gospel will penetrate through that and they will see grace.

An 85-year-old man who Dennis has been teaching because he was not able to attend the teaching was not really tracking with the lessons so they simplified things for him.  He still does not believe in an afterlife and needs his heart to be softened.