Heart for the Lost

It’s been a month since Philip and Vina and family arrived in South Africa on home assignment. And what a precious month it has been! They have had so many wonderful times with people they love, and been to so many beautiful places. Their hearts are so full with all the wonderful experiences, and they cannot but praise the Lord for giving them this much needed time “home”.
But even more precious than that has been the times of fellowship Philip and Vina have had with brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s what they miss most on the island, and so they are savouring every minute! Already they have had opportunities to share about the Lords work in the Philippines, and they continue to be blessed through it. Philip says, “There is nothing more humbling than the realisation of how very privileged we are to be a part of His work.”
As a family they have been doing a lot of travelling, but it has been an amazing opportunity to see their beautiful country and be with many loved ones. They are so thankful for these times!
Although Philip and Vina are loving it in SA, their hearts and minds are never far from their beautiful island and it’s people. Will you please join them in continuing to pray for the Agutaynen people? Pray for the Lord to prepare their hearts for truth and for protection over this time of typhoons. Also pray for the Lord to give Philip and Vina many opportunities to share about His work on Agutaya and for many to be challenged to live Christ out in their lives.
Of course, none of these times would be possible if it were not for the help of those the Lord is using to bless Philip and Vina.

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