Hearing for the first time

About two months ago, Christopher and Lilli Meyer’s team started to present God’s talk to the Kaje people of Papua New Guinea. Prior to that, the men in the village had built a ‘sharing house’ specifically for the teaching. Since mid-August, the whole village – roughly 300 people – has gathered four times a week to hear chronological Bible lessons. Their co-workers take turns in teaching the people from the Bible. It is the first time ever that the Kaje people have heard anything like this in their heart language. Next week they will finish the teaching from the Old Testament and then start with the New Testament and the life of Christ. It is a very exciting time!

Some people had heard bits and pieces from the Bible in Tok Pisin (the national language of PNG). However, no one had any idea about how mighty and strong God is or that man’s relationship to God is ruined through sin. It was big news for them to hear that God did not just leave humankind alone with the problem, but instead, He promised to send a man who would deal with their sin-problem. Many Kaje are struck by the fact that they have a big sin issue that they cannot deal with on their own and are now waiting for the promised man. Christopher, Lilli and team can hardly wait for them to hear about the Saviour, Jesus the Messiah!

One man said, “Thank you for being willing to come and teach us from the Bible. We really had no idea and our thinking was so confused.”

The team are very encouraged by the people’s responses and their openness towards the Word of God.

However, there are people who do not really seem to be bothered by what they hear even though they faithfully attend the teaching. Pray for God to continue working in their hearts.

If everything goes according to plan, this part of the Bible teaching will end on December 19th.

Besides the Bible teaching, Christopher and Lilli with Linda and Silas are still trying to learn the Kaje language. It is going to keep them busy for many more months. They are making progress and can follow the teaching here and there. More often than not, it feels like a never-ending task.  They still need a lot of prayer, patience, stamina, prayer and more prayer…

They can communicate with the people in Tok Pisin and are very thankful for that. It enables them to talk about the teaching with the people and participate in the teaching through dramas or summarising and emphasising the main points of the teaching.

Linda and Silas are doing well. Linda started kindergarten some weeks ago and loves it! They are also excited that the Kaje are hearing God’s Word and cannot wait for them to be free from their fear of spirits.