A couple weeks ago Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen, who are currently on home assignment in Canada, received word that their Filipino co-worker’s wife, had a stroke, and had no movement from her neck downwards. The dear lady had to wait until morning to be able to carried to a vehicle so she could be taken down the mountain to the nearest hospital. By then the Lord had answered prayer and with help, she was able to get out of bed. It was so encouraging to them to have a group of believers praying with them that God would heal her, allowing her to be up and about once again.

Besides being happy that his wife will not be bed ridden for the rest of her life, their co-worker is thankful that he can continue with his ministry of teaching God’s Word to individuals as well as the group of believers in Nayba. He shared with his brothers and sisters in Christ, “Praise the Lord! I have no doubt she is truly healed because of His love and your prayers.”

He also shared with Ragnar and Elizabeth that he had been studying the Old Testament sacrifices. He planned to have a series of meetings bringing out the great news that we do not need to do these offerings anymore. Jesus sacrifice on the cross took the place of all the OT sacrifices. It is wonderful to hear of his desire to spend hours and hours studying God’s Word and then teaching others what God has taught him.

Ragnar and Elizabeth trust that someday soon they will receive word that the Filipino border is open for foreigners. Then, they will probably be on the next airplane headed to Asia! The mission’s office in Manila has advised them that it will probably not be until 2022. They would appreciate you joining them in prayer for this request. In the meantime, they are thankful that they can keep working on the Kankanaey lessons from Canada.