Heading to Mibu

Geoff Husa is excited to have the chance to go back to Mibu in Papua New Guinea this month. He has been looking for the opportunity for at least six months. With three surgeries needing to be completed before the end of the year, finding the time between each, where he was done with rehabilitation, has been a challenge. However, the Lord orchestrated things so that Geoff was able to put something together fairly last minute.

As well as looking forward to connecting with friends in Mibu, and generally being a mutual encouragement to each other, Geoff has a few tasks that he is hoping to accomplish. With everything that has happened over the last couple of years with the ‘gang’, there has been a slowdown, and even a halt on some of the ministry work that needs to continue to move forward. He is hoping to do some of the training with those he works together with, so that they are comfortable using the tools needed to work together from opposite sides of the world. Geoff also hopes to wrap up some comprehension checking that has been hanging in limbo a bit too long. Finally, he would like to help get the literacy store back up and running again. The gang stole everything. Years of work came to a screeching halt. The literacy store was very successful at raising capital to help fund literacy efforts in Mibu and other local villages.

Geoff is so thankful for the generous financial gift that allows him to make this trip! Even when finances are a challenge as they have been this last year or so, they still see God providing. They could not continue ministry to Mibu without support and prayer. Thank you for praying.