Heading the right way

Daniel and Nicole Noort with David have been going to a small church on a reserve for several months now. The believers have been praying for years for help to reach out to their own people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Daniel and Nicole have been praying for wisdom and direction. They see this as an indirect invitation to help from First Nations believers.

The Lord has also provided more brothers and sisters to stand behind them as they seek to minister among the First Nations people of Canada. There are many indications that they are heading the right way.

Daniel and Nicole’s next step is moving! They have started to search for a new home as close as possible to the reserve. David expects to graduate by the end of June and to earn an extra point for university level mathematics by the end of July.

They give thanks for:

His provisions in their daily lives.

The Lord’s leading and guiding.

The loving people He has brought on their path.

His continuing love despite their shortcomings and failures.

Pray for:

The right location and provision for a new home.

Wisdom to choose the right option for David’s further education.

Unity and peace in Him with regard to all the decisions ahead of them.

The formation of a ministry team.

Daniel and Nicole are grateful for your prayers.