He is faithful

One of Bill and Kelley Housley’s long-term dreams has been to put structures into place that will allow the villages and churches of the Middle Ramu area of Papua New Guinea to connect in practical and spiritual ways so that the churches can continue to grow and thrive. One of the avenues to see this happen is to get the local church leaders together from time to time to gather around the Word as brothers and talk about real life issues and see how the Bible addresses those issues. Last month, leaders from three Inapang churches and two Iski churches came together to do just that. Such a good time for the men to linger in the Word and share their problems and possible solutions together. Bill and Kelley loved having them out and serving them for one short week together. They are so thankful for the Body that is growing in the Ramu!

Another of their long-term goals is to help the first generation of the Inapang church believers to see their second generation children growing and thriving in the Word of God. The Ramu Valley Academy (RVA), provides the 24/7 venue of spending time with the next generation – training, discipling, educating. It is a glorious opportunity.

The students grow all of their own food here and the parents and village churches that send the students out send out food donations. Usually, sago and vegetables are on the menu, but protein is always a little scarce.

Some of the junior class from Numonohi Christian Academy (NCA), the mission’s school in PNG, came to visit and serve RVA during their spring break! It was a blessing for Bill and Kelley to see the PNG and expatriate worlds collide, and encourage one another in the Word of God, and watch the young missionary kids (MKs) and the young Ramus mix, mingle, laugh and learn together in English.

One of the grade 8 RVA students from the fourth Inapang village outreach in 2011, which now has a functioning church with leaders, gave her testimony to the visiting MKs. “…I grew up in church with my family and became a believer when I was young….” Twenty years ago, there were no elder-run churches. Twenty years ago, NTM missionaries had just begun the work in the Ramu Valley and were clawing their way through language and culture so that they could articulate the Gospel in their language. Now, twenty years later, she is telling her testimony of growing up in a Christian home…in English!

Faithful Yahweh, the consistent provider, the One who is still at work to bring His children to Himself. Bill and Kelley are so thankful to be a small part His big plan! It is not always easy, they get very tired and emotionally there are pulls every day on their heads and hearts. But, this is part of seeing His Kingdom come and being faithful to His last words. They are honoured to play a part.


  • There is a real need for a couple of teachers for at least twelve weeks over the autumn term, which begins in September and continues through until the week before Christmas. A math or business mind would be of utmost blessing, but they are able to move our team around to make room for anyone who is comfortable teaching a small class. All lesson plans and materials are already developed for guiding the students through the self-learn study plan!
  • Pray that the growth that they are seeing will continue to grow into maturity in those who they are discipling!