He can be trusted

For Lív, who serves in West Africa, it is the hot season. It is usually 34 degrees Celsius in her house in the afternoons, and it will get hotter. The mornings and nights are still comfortable, and the team are thankful for that.

The young translator and Lív are currently proofreading the New Testament. They usually work together from 8 am until 1 pm. It takes more time to go through the books and epistles that Lív translated earlier on, since there are more tweaks that need to be done, to make it easier to read. Although this is tedious work, they enjoy going through the New Testament and being reminded of all the different truths. The young translator is now doing the rough draft of Judges.

In the afternoons Lív works on other translation activities, such as the ‘back to English’ translation. It will take time to go through the New Testament, since there are also other jobs that need her attention. At some point this year Exodus will be consultant checked. Lív has also just finished verifying the back to English translation of 1 and 2 Samuel, so that will soon be ready to send to the consultant.

One of the older men in the village, who has been a tremendous blessing in the work, has not been feeling well lately. He went to one of the bigger hospitals and was able to see a heart specialist and received some help. Praise the Lord that he is doing so much better. He is a believer and has been a great help with Bible translation and has a good grasp of biblical truths. He is usually the one who helps when the translation consultant visits. If there is any doubt about how a word should be spelt or the best way to say something, he is a very good one to ask! At a recent Bible study, he was praising the Lord for His help through this sickness. He said that he was sure that he was not going to get through it, but the Lord has helped him. Pray that the Lord will spare him, and that he still has many years of being a blessing to his family, the team, and the other believers.

Lív’s co-workers have gone to the capital, as the wife is not feeling well. She has been running fevers in the evenings for more than a week and has other symptoms. Please pray that the medical staff will be able to figure out what is going on, and that she can get help.

Earlier this year, the young translator and his wife had a daughter. Lív had no idea before the morning of the name giving ceremony, that they would give her the honour of naming their baby after her; she had not expected it at all.

On 2nd January, the carpenter started renovating Lív’s house in the Faroes. She is very excited about it since she has been waiting so long for it to happen. It seems to be going well. Please pray that it continues to go well and that there will be no unpleasant surprises along the way. Lív plans to go home at the end of the month for three weeks, both to be able to see the work and make some decisions and to celebrate her brother’s 70th birthday. She is looking forward to seeing family and friends again, even if it is only for a short time.

This last year there has been more political unrest in the country than usual. They do not experience any of it in the village, it is more in the bigger towns closer to the capital. Please pray for peace and that the upcoming presidential elections will go well and peacefully.

When Lív works with the young translator they usually start with prayer. It is always encouraging for Lív to hear his earnest prayers for the translation work, the Bible teaching, his family, Lív’s family at home, his people group, and many other things, and to hear him praise the Lord for all the things that He has done and is doing in his life. It is such a blessing for them to be able to pray together and to also pray for those things that they know they can do nothing about in their own strength, where they feel totally helpless. Knowing that they can place everything in the Lord’s capable hands and know that He can be trusted with everything is wonderful. There are no limits to what He is able to do.

Lív has often heard that at the point of soon finishing the New Testament, the evil one will work extra hard to try to discourage and distract. So, they are not surprised when they see one thing after another come into their lives, and it always seems to be where it hits them the hardest. Pray that the Lord keeps them focused and encouraged and that they would keep their eyes fixed on Him.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the team and the work.