He Answers!

It was early in the morning and the man, a clan leader and one of the guys working with Francois and Nadia on a daily basis, was very disorientated and said things like: “My spirit is outside my body. I am sick. I am very sick. I cannot feel my feet.” Francois and Nadia are thankful that he is doing much better! It really is a miracle. Everyone expected the worst. He could not even speak at one time. Now he can talk and has feeling back in his hands and feet. He still needs to walk with a cane, but he is coherent and so very, very relieved! They still have no idea what ailed him but trust that the Lord is doing a great thing in his life. Most of his family visited his house during this crisis and as Francois and Nadia talked about how good God is with his family, several of them asked for the Word and Bible lessons on recorder so that they can take it back home with them. His wife also seems to be more receptive of the Truth. Please continue to pray that he will be completely healed and able to return to his work. Pray too for his wife that she will be freed from the enemy’s clutches.
Another believer and neighbour’s wife and young child that were also very sick are also doing better. Pray that they will walk in God’s ways and not seek “traditional” help when something ails them. Just a few houses further away, another woman who has been coming to the meetings’ child has a huge swollen tummy and is getting sicker by the day and Francois plans to take them to the Provincial capital next week to see a specialist. Pray that her fragile faith will be strengthened.
Praise the Lord! The surgery on Nadia’s mum’s shoulder went well. Nadia was even able to speak to her in the evening, something they are never able to do with their weak mobile phone signal after dark! Pray for the pain to be relieved and for full recuperation. Pray too for those who will be taking care of her. Nadia wanted to be with her, but it wasn’t possible.
Nadia and the kids are still battling with what has become a chest infection. Waldo has lost nearly two weeks of school already, but still is too weak to do more than a few hours school per day. Please pray for their full recovery soon.

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