In September Barbara and two of her colleagues who work at the headquarters in Manaus went to a tribal work with the only missionary currently working in that tribe. Her colleagues were able to teach the final part of the chronological lessons. It was mainly taught for pastors, deacons and other people who help in the church. Everyone was split into groups and each group had to do a review on one of the following topics: creation, the fall, the story of Noah, Abraham sacrifices Isaac, the story of Joseph, the Passover and the birth of Jesus. Then the missionaries took turns and taught the remaining lessons. After each lesson the participants split up in groups again to answer some questions. That way they could see if they had understood the teaching. The main missionary also listened carefully and helped the teachers to find the right words or expressions.

It was evident that the fertile ground had been prepared beforehand. The believers in the village are also very keen on sharing the truth with their families and other people. Some men had come from the villages down river and are certainly going to teach people there too. They are all very hungry for more teaching.

Barbara has decided to join this work and so she will need some orientation time for language and culture studies in a tribal context. During the next few weeks she will also have to buy basically everything that she will need to set up house, including a solar panel system and internet connection, even though it may take another six months or so before she can move into “her” village.

There are still many details to be worked out. It is good to know that God is in control and He already knows those details. Pray that Barbara will be able to trust Him at all times and rest in Him. Praise the Lord that Barbara has been able to transfer her visa to a permanent one. She just needs to wait for her ID card to come through, but her passport is already stamped! This is a great encouragement to her.

Thank you so much for your standing with Barbara in prayer.

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