Hard but good

Beth Kirk is serving as an associate in the mission’s school in Mexico. She has been busy covering books with plastic for the next school year, giving the teachers a break in the midst of testing, photocopying and generally helping. The kids come up to her at break time to talk, play basketball or to ask her to play with them. She is really enjoying getting to know the kids. Beth recently enjoyed a camping trip with the senior students for a couple of nights. The school year finishes earlier in Mexico. Pray that the students are motivated to finish well!

At the end of March, Beth visited a tribal work; it was also her first experience in a six-seater plane. The missionary couple in the village are working with the youth. With just a few shops and wood housing, Beth experienced a glimpse into what support missions looks like.

The Easter break was refreshing and restful, reading in the sun, going out for food, a sunrise Easter church service with traditional Mexican breakfast (soup!), and visiting outside the city in traditional little towns for ice-lollies in the hot weather were just a few of the highlights!

On Easter Sunday, Beth was reminded of this amazing passage found in Luke 23:46, which says: “Jesus called out with a loud voice, Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. When he had said this, he breathed his last.” Beth says, “Wow, it was such a challenge for me and so I ask you to pray for my future and that I am surrendering to His will and giving myself up for Christ!” God is teaching Beth many hard but good things through her time in Mexico.

Beth has less than a month until she returns home! As her time comes to an end, she is so grateful and blessed by meeting new people, getting to know another culture and learning so much from the people she has been ‘rubbing shoulders with’ on a daily basis. She is sad to say goodbye to everyone as they now have a piece of her heart. Pray that Beth will transition back into home life, and follow God’s guiding for the future. She is also ready to see her family, have cuddles with her new niece and see friends. She is even missing a good ol’ English roast dinner!