Half time

After finishing their studies at North Cotes College Michi, Manu and family have spent six months in Germany. They are thankful for an apartment where they all truly feel at home. It is a place where they have been blessed with so many different and wonderful encounters in the past months; be it dear friends and family they had not seen for a long time and missed very much. House groups from the church have been willing to spend an evening discussing the topic of “Mission among the unreached”, and their children’s new friends from school and nursery or friends that they made during their years in England have visited too. They can definitely say that they are really enjoying their time at home and are very much looking forward to the months ahead.

After sending in their application, an online interview, Michi and Manu received an invitation to join the team in Asia-Pacific. After much thinking, praying, and talking, they accepted the invitation and are now ‘officially’ en route. They are planning and praying that God will make it possible for them to make their way to Asia-Pacific in June. It also means that they have a long to-do list.

Translation and scanning of various paperwork for the visa, passport applications and last doctor appointments as well as the purchase of things that are still needed for the departure keeps them busy. They are also experiencing many different emotions. These are not only joyful anticipation and excitement, but also sometimes a queasy feeling about the many things and challenges in the future that are unknown to them. However, the fact that nothing is unknown to God is a really great encouragement to Michi and Manu and they want to trust in HIM. HE also knows what is good for them and they firmly believe that HE will close and open doors according to His will and that this will work together for good because they love Him [see Romans 8:28].

In the words of Corrie Ten Boom, they would like to ask and encourage you to pray with and for them. She said, ‘The greatest thing one person can do for another is to pray for them.’

They are so thankful to God that they can ‘learn life’ alongside their four children, but are also aware of the responsibility to ‘teach them life’. Even if their lives look a little different than the lives of other children around them, it is their prayer that despite many changes and goodbyes, they will remain courageous and learn early on, to look to Jesus and live the life He gives with gratitude.

Departure is a frequent topic at home. They already experience joy and sadness quite close together as they contemplate the changes ahead.

They are thankful for…

…the progress in the application process

…the apartment and many good meetings so far

…their children, who are doing really well so far and are a joy to them

…the encouraging time in Germany with family, friends and the church

Pray that…

…the departure in June will take place

…they will complete the necessary things well and in time

…they will have many more good and encouraging encounters at home

…God will guard their hearts and the hearts of their children and equip them for what lies ahead