Guided by His Hand

When the flight came to take Becky’s helpers back into the tribe, she went along with them! It was GREAT for her to be back “home” again after being medevac’d out last year. The Lord was gracious in allowing her to see her friends and gave the strength for Becky to continue with the translation work.

Miracles are taking place in the hearts of people in the village, where doors that once closed to the Gospel are now being broken down!

For instance, the unsaved wife of one of the translation helpers signed up to start taking the Creation to Christ Bible lessons and has been attending church whilst he was out of the village helping Becky. That is a huge miracle and one the missionary team have been praying about for ages. This lady’s parents have been closed to the Gospel, but the Lord in His grace is drawing the younger generation to Himself.

The teenage daughter of a family that has been opposed to the Gospel from the very beginning is attending Creation to Christ lessons and church despite persecution.

Thank the Lord for His work in her heart! Recently another family member has attended the Bible teaching as well. The Lord is breaking down Satan’s stronghold in the village and the missionary team are amazed and overjoyed to see Him at work in the hearts of so many young people. Pray that these teen girls can have a real testimony to their siblings.

Twenty-one “new” kids/young adults are attending Creation to Christ lessons. Considering there are only 180 in the village, many who are already believers, that is HUGE. These young people represent families who have been rejecting the Gospel for years. Please pray that they would attend the lessons faithfully every day and would come to an understanding of their sin and need of a Saviour. Just because they enter the church doors does not make them righteous in God’s sight. They still have a long way to go, but the Lord is faithfully drawing them to Himself.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. To Him be the glory.

Becky’s time in the village was incredible, but also mentally and emotionally exhausting. However, she did not even have as much as a headache the whole time; a huge answer to prayer. As for the translation work, praise the Lord that she accomplished more than she ever dreamt possible. There is still a very long way to go to bring the Mengen New Testament to completion, so Becky would appreciate your continued prayers.

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