Guidance for the future

After a week of break, including a weekend away as a family Paul and Naomi Born were ready for the next term to begin and were lost for words for how amazing God has been to them. Things have been hard, stressful, and overwhelming at times but they find it is always encouraging to look back and see how God has been looking after them.

They needed the break and thoroughly enjoyed their time away just the four of them, no interruptions and fun. The kids really seemed to enjoy having their full attention for a whole weekend. They went swimming, to a sea life sanctuary and the beach. Aria and Ezra seemed very happy indeed.

This term will be a very busy one so please pray that they will lean on the Lord and Him alone for the strength that they need in order to do everything that they need to do.  Naomi is teaching grammar for the first time for the next three weeks.

They have started practising the music/songs for REACH the youth conference, which will include an hour and a half on both Tuesdays and Thursdays in the lead up to it. They really enjoy these practices and love leading the people who come to the conference in worshipping the Lord through song, but it is going to be difficult this year. As Naomi is teaching, it means that Paul will have to be at home more with the kids. Please pray for him as he will need to organise his time so that in the mornings he is able to get his job done so the afternoon will not be too stressful for him. Please pray for the band that they will not be too exhausted and will enjoy practising with them and leading others in worship.

The children will be going to Naomi’s parents for the REACH conference weekend and the week following it. Pray for them that they will settle and will enjoy the time with their grandparents.

Paul and Naomi have been in contact with the leadership in Southeast Asia and we are happy to say that they have a few things planned towards their trip already. They are so grateful for the leadership there and how they have come up with a schedule for them to see as much as they can in the allotted time. They will spend a few days with leadership talking about the field as a whole and then go to a tribe to visit an ongoing work. The family that they will visit were in the training when at the same time as Paul and Naomi, so they are excited to see them again.

The first week of the trip is full and their second week is free for whatever they would like to do there, please pray with them for wisdom to know what to do during this time. Paul and Naomi are really looking forward to this time in Southeast Asia and praying that this time will allow them to seek God’s guidance in what He has for their future; whether to continue at North Cotes or to go to Southeast Asia to serve.