Growing in understanding

Pete and Liesl Hypki and family will be spending the next three weeks in the village with the Nahuatl church in Mexico. They will have the opportunity to teach on three Sundays, lead both weekly youth groups, and spend some time studying the Gospels with some believing families.

The church is growing in understanding of who each one of them are, and what living out the truth looks like. They have recently received the first translations of the books of Ephesians and Colossians, books full of deep spiritual truth that is leading them into a fuller understanding of who they are and what a life lived by the Spirit, in the community of Christ, looks like. However, as they grow in their knowledge of New Testament truths, it is helpful to remember the foundations of the Old Testament, and to remember the OT characters that appear in the New Testament.

For the next three weeks, Sundays will be spent reviewing the life of David – David anointed, David fleeing, David waiting, David trusting, David reigning, David cheating, David killing, David repenting. Pete and Liesel hope that these times studying the life of David together will further ground them in truth, as they remember the life of a man after God’s own heart and ponder how they themselves are chasing His heart in their community.

Even if it is hot, dry and smoky in Las Moras at this time of year, Pete and Liesl consider it a privilege to be able to continue to be a small part of what the Lord is doing in the hearts of the Nahuatl.

In mid-February, Pete visited the Bible school in Mexico City with the purpose of considering how to continue to grow the Bible school to meet the realities in that area. The Mexico City area is home to more than 33 million people and thousands of Christian churches. It is close to the many least-reached people groups in southern Mexico, which makes it a strategic location for the Bible school, which offers two years of Bible classes with a strong emphasis on reaching the least-reached.

Presently the school can only house six to eight students at a time and train around 25 students per year. Their desire is to be able to house many more students from the surrounding areas and train more locals at the same time.

There are several properties in the area, which could be purchased and renovated to become a very effective Bible school, but funds are needed.

One of the young believers in Las Moras flew out with Pete and Liesl’s co-workers last week to visit the Bible school in Chihuahua. She is hoping to begin attending in August. She will be the first Nahuatl to receive formal Bible teaching.


  • Thank God for the opportunity to make this trip and for good travel.
  • That they would be a blessing to the church and to the community.
  • For good, encouraging, conversations, and that Pete and Liesl would speak well and have words in each moment.
  • For Pete’s upcoming trip to Mexico City in mid-June. He will be travelling with church planting consultants and a local pastor to help lead a church planting consultancy workshop for a group of pastors.