Growing and reaching

Lourens Laureti has been able to help out as coordinator at the NTM centre and also focus on visiting other tribal church plants and focus on the two outreaches on south coast. Lourens was concerned because due to the outreaches most of their main teachers have left the village and are now living in other villages as missionaries. This means that they’ve got one teacher left in their village and a few older guys and their wives who are growing into becoming Elders. With this in mind he was very encouraged to hear from one man recently. He told Lorens that all the believers are getting together regularly, on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. They are getting together in small groups during which they discuss the lesson they heard the previous Sunday, they read from God’s Word and expound it, they share testimonies, they pray for each other and they are discussing different ways that they can love and serve each other better.

The team at the support centre have literally been working day and night to get all the Pidgin and Mengen materials printed and out to the two Mengen outreaches. These materials include both Mengen and Pidgen materials, and it consists of literacy and teaching resources, which again includes Bible booklets and complete Pidgen Bibles.

At one of the outreaches they have so many people wanting to meet for teaching that the Mengen Bible teachers just can’t keep up. Many people are wanting to start with literacy. They can only take about 15 people at a time but the first group is about 50 so he had to divide them up into groups and some of the people were upset that they couldn’t start until later. The whole group went to the neighbouring little town to get books and pencils and rulers in order to start the literacy class.
Lourens recently visited this outreach and was very encouraged by how things are going. The people have been deeply moved by the testimony of love shown by the Bible teachers and this in turn has created a hunger amongst them to hear the teaching. Lourens taught at one of the evenings.

A couple of weeks ago there was a believers’ conference and Lourens was surprised to hear how many people actually went from the village where he lives. It would have been a strenuous hike out of the jungle to get to the village where it was held. These men and their wives and children were very encouraged to meet with different believers from other people groups. The topic of the conference was the Holy Spirit and walking in the Holy Spirit and the importance of the fact that God is living inside of them and that He wants to work through them.

Thanks so much for praying for Laureti’s and the Mengen believers.

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