Praise God that even with growing complications because of Covid-19, Simon and Annika Flanagan and family were able to get to the Mengen church to teach, disciple and minister with their friends. Pray for continued growth for the church Simon and Annika are seeing small steps of growth by a faithful group and their prayer is that they will understand more about the purposes and equipping of God for the church. Pray that as a body they can all be used to see the Gospel move out in the years ahead.

There has been a lot of sickness in the village; people are running high fevers with headache and chest pain. This is making them very tired and unable to leave the home. Pray for Simon and Annika to use this opportunity wisely to show God’s love and grace. They had a lot of sickness too and are thankful for a couple of weeks of good health.

The trainee Bible teachers were recently encouraged and challenged about growing into leaders at a national conference and came back understanding more of the scope and challenges of growing into leaders.

Praise God for continued interest in a new course for non-readers and more interest in a new session of Gospel teaching for unbelievers in the village.

A young couple started well in the Gospel teaching but due to taking care of a sick mother in town for a month, the teaching came to a halt. Also travelling away to work has again caused some delays. Pray for renewed interest for this young couple. Also, pray for a villager that had an appendectomy. His wound has not healed well and he is still in some pain. It is hoped that he will be flown home to the village on the 15th October. Pray that this will work out.

Pray for God to open the way for the Gospel to be taught and a church to be planted in four villages with a population of approximately 4,000 people in total, in the next four years. These villages are a ten-hour hike away from where Simon and Annika live. Pray for them as this may well mean big changes for the missionary team to see the Gospel advance.

Praise God for good trips and safety traveling throughout the southern Mengen villages. There is interest in the Gospel, the Mengen N.T. and the literacy programmes.

Simon and Annika are thankful for two home-school helpers who they hope will arrive before the New Year. This will free up ministry time greatly. Pray for their paperwork to be cleared soon and for all the necessary preparations.

Pray for partners for Simon and Anika in the work in order to see other churches planted. A family is currently spending three months with them to learn about life in the jungle and to finish off their training in national language and culture.

Pray for the Lord to supply all their needs as a family.