Ground levelling

It was truly wonderful for Charissa to be present at her brother’s wedding, and to watch the cousins spending time playing together.

They were also able to have a good appointment with a lung specialist to start figuring out Judah’s asthma issues, and were able to find the recommended medication in Asia-Pacific. Visits with a chiropractor and massage sessions also gave them some insight into his balance issues. Pray for them as they monitor and work with Judah, that he will continue to make strides forward.

Sasch and Charissa jumped back in to life in Asia-Pacific with both feet, as the day after they arrived, the ground for an official church building was levelled and their team cooked up a meal for all the workers and the believers.

Life is always busy and interesting. Sasch is working on settling into a study routine again, amidst many interruptions, especially as the holiday season has begun. Thankfully, more of their team is present this year so the responsibility for ministry is shared. Charissa is also attempting to begin studying again, even if only for a short time each day.

Recently the team celebrated Thanksgiving together, which was a real blessing. The church Christmas celebration is a big deal, as the whole village is invited as well as extended family members and people from the outlying villages. It is a rare opportunity to witness to many people who would otherwise have no interest in spiritual things.

This year the church are also cooking a meal for all who attend. Please pray that all the details of preparation in the coming days come together, and that the people who attend will have open hearts to hear the truth. Pray for Sasch and Charissa as well that they will be able to cope with all the stress and also be able to stick with their studies.

Sasch and Charissa are both struggling with exhaustion since returning. In Charissa’s case, this is probably mostly heat and pregnancy related. Please pray for them that they will be able to get sufficient rest, and find rest and relief in the Lord as well. Pray for them as they will be making decisions about where to deliver this baby and timing of that and various other things. Pray for wisdom to make the best decisions for their family. Pray also for the whole process of obtaining/extending visas. It is a process which never ends, and which can hit many snags.

Thank you all for standing behind Sasch and Charissa in their ministry and daily lives. Your prayers keep them going.

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