Ground breaking

The Mayor did a great job of hosting the ceremony and they provided a meal for all involved in this project. It was so exciting for Philip and Vina Le Roux to see things finally start. Pray for things to go according to the Lord’s perfect timing and will.
There has never been a project of this magnitude done on Agutaya before and already they are experiencing some issues. Just having fuel to run the heavy building equipment is already a challenge. Philip and Vina know there are many challenges ahead with this project, but they are resting in the knowledge that the Lord is in control. Thank you for your prayers.
Recently Philip and Vina were invited to attend the local schools graduation ceremony and saw many children move up to another grade. It always touches their hearts to see their proud parent’s faces when they graduate. Many of them have sacrificed a lot to see their kids complete school.
Most children live in bamboo houses with electricity for lights from 4pm until midnight. They bathe at the communal well and fetch water in containers from the well, which they carry far distances to their homes. They sleep on a bamboo mat which lies on the floor and often is shared with many siblings. And yet, they manage to come perfectly dressed in their school uniforms for school. They don’t have libraries and computers to use. In fact, for many, affording a school pencil is already a sacrifice. It certainly makes Philip and Vina see how very much extra they have.
Last month, an 81 year old lady died. It was hoped she was recovering from a recent illness, not getting worse. Last week, Philip and Vina attended the lunch that is hosted the day after the burial. Strangely enough, the way things are done in the Philippines has started to become almost normal for Philip and Vina. They never thought they would get used to seeing the dead bodies and financially helping people embalm their loved ones as well as provide for a coffin. Drinking and gambling at funeral wakes and praying to idols are all a part of the Agutayan’s lives. Death is raw and Philip and Vina cannot wait for the day that the Agutayans will break free from these traditions and rejoice in the hope that only Christ can provide.
Philip and Vina love their home and their friends in the Philippines, but at the same time their hearts yearn for South Africa and all that they love there. As the days pass and Philip and Vina’s home assignment gets closer, their excitement mounts! With the help of their pastor, Philip and Vina are putting together a calendar for the time they will be in South Africa so that they can be sure to fit in all the special appointments they hope to make when they are home.

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