Filip and Ane completed the first year of Bible College in July last year and can look back on an intense year with joy. God has taught them so much, especially through their weaknesses; He has taught them to be more dependent on Him.

They spent most of their time in the summer break with Ane and Filip’s family. They really enjoyed helping Ane’s parents making a part of their property into a conference room for Christian conferences in the future. This involved digging out, and constructing new floors in what used to be a barn (They had the first conference in October).

The greatest experience in the summer, was visiting Anne-Marit (An NTM missionary who works in Greenland.) in Norway. They had the opportunity to participate in an NTM conference in Bergsdalen near Bergen. The nature was so beautiful, and it was a real joy to finally meet the people in Norway who have stood behind them and prayed for them while they have been in England. Filip shared two Bible lessons from the epistle of James. It was really good to see how all the different Bible lessons fitted together, even though they were from different parts of God’s Word (Daniel, James and 1 Corinthians).

Filip and Ane are now a couple of months into their second year of Bible College, in the Cross Cultural Communications course. The focus is on being equipped for cross cultural ministry, and they have learned so much already.

Their children are doing really well this year. They formed good friendships with other children on the campus and really enjoy playing and hanging out with their friends. It is a great joy for them as parents and an answer to prayer to see how they are thriving this year.

Please pray for Greenland. Anne-Marit is back in Nuuk and continues teaching people chronologically through the Bible several hours a week. Pray that she will have sufficient strength to continue this teaching and that those who receive it will grow in knowledge of the Lord. Also pray that God will be glorified as He gives increase to what is sowed and watered.

Filip and Ane and their fellow students Oli and Anne Sophie Tindalið look forward to moving back to Greenland and to be used by God in the way that He desires to use them. They really need your prayers that God will grant them His wisdom as they take one step at a time in faith.

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