Great joy

This was the village of a lady that about a year ago visited a sick family member in the village where Francois and Nadia live. She went home with a portion of the Mwinika Bible and some audio lessons. Within a month she returned with her brother and a long list of people from their village; asking the missionaries to visit and teach them more: they want to know God!
They were fascinated to hear God’s Word in their own language for the first time. Francois and five men later went to visit this village where they were warmly welcomed and asked by the leaders and community to return to teach them about God and his Word.
However, this is the first official outreach to the village! The guys left early in the morning on three motorbikes, packed with the portions of the Mwinika Old Testament and more audio lessons. They also took Bible picture books with them – put together by the Mwinika literacy team – to use as a tool to teach the Word. Francois and the guys demonstrated how to use the material effectively so that they can understand the Gospel and will be able to duplicate it among all their people. One of the first things that needs be done in this process is literacy classes so that they will be able to have access to the Bible and read it for themselves. Future teaching and the literacy classes were to be discussed and organised.
Praise the Lord for this amazing opportunity! Pray for prepared hearts and much fruit from the seed sown by the Word. Pray for wisdom in communicating and the Holy Spirit’s direction and protection.
It was with great sadness that Francois and Nadia heard the news about the death of Nadia’s cousin’s wife earlier this month. She was also their project team leader’s daughter in law. This young mother died a few days after the birth or their third child. It was an especially difficult time for Nadia to be so far from friends and family. The Lord is gracious and both families can testify to his care and grace. It is heart gripping to hear the Mwinika believers (who gather in the mornings for devotions) continuing to pray daily for everyone who has been touched by this loss. Pray for Nadia’s cousin and his young children, as well as their project team leader and his wife: Nadia’s aunt Klein who has moved in with her cousin to help take care of the kids, while her uncle Willie will continue to travel between two cities.
Francois and Nadia are also involved in the ‘Joseph project’: Yearly, the people in their community go through a time of hunger before the next harvest and when the previous year’s food is already finished. They have no effective way to store their food stuffs (it is very quickly destroyed by rodents, ants and mould). This is the reason why the missionary team built a store where the yearly harvests (beans, corn, and cashew nuts) can be kept. They treat the seed and regularly spread it out in the sun to keep it pest and mould free. When the food becomes scarce, people can sell these seeds (out of season and therefore at a higher price) or use it themselves. The idea is that they will give 10% of the seed back in order to help support the project. It is now in the first season and they have no ’10 percent’ to help yet!
The local school (gr. 1-6) in their village hardly functions because of the bad state of repair of their school building. With the help of volunteers (believers) the missionary team have already built a new three-classroom building but it still needs the roof and finishing off. The school also have no tables, chairs or writing materials: the children sit on wedged poles, writing on their laps (that is: if they could find something to write with!). The missionaries would also like to start a pre-school: as there is none and most kids go to school unprepared and as a result fail miserably.
The Ambulance that was given to help transport sick people to the local clinic has been standing, broken, for months.
Literacy and Bible lesson development needs computers with big “brain power”. Some books are more than 200MB and Francois and Nadia‘s computers and equipment simply can’t handle these huge files. They lose much time – and work when the computers stall and are unable to retrieve the material again. The Bible must be read… therefore there is an absolute need for Literacy. The Bible must be understood… therefore so must the fundamental nature of the Bible lessons.
Francois and Nadia know that the Lord is able to provide all they need! Pray for them to know His abundant supply.
Also pray for the believers to have the spiritual maturity to know how to respond to those that do not believe. Pray for their security in Christ and their protection.

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