Great is Thy faithfulness

When Richard and Wendy Rees started praying and planning for their home assignment in the UK and Ireland, they felt quite overwhelmed with all the details that needed to come together for their three months away from Thailand. Now they are at the end of those three months and can truly say that God’s faithfulness has made their time away possible and He put all the plans and details into place.

God has kept Richard, Wendy, Megan, Caleb, Rachel and Karis safe during the 5500 plus miles that they have travelled. They have seen the beauty of His creation in places they have visited, many walks have been enjoyed and some beautiful weather. God has blessed them with brothers and sisters who have been so gracious and hospitable; they have tasted the delights of many foods and gained a few pounds. He has kept them well.  They have had time by themselves to rest, relax and regroup as a family.

They were given the privilege of speaking in a number meetings and God has encouraged them that He has His body of believers who are faithfully praying for them and the Pwo Karen people amongst whom they serve. He has provided for their needs.

Please pray for them as they settle back into village life. Here are a few specific prayer requests:

Adjustment to life back in the village.

Wendy and the children as they start up school. Wendy as she gets the school material organised and ready for the school year.

Continued building of relationships in the village. Wisdom and grace in their conversations.

Richard as he continues to revise and rewrite Bible lessons in the Pwo Karen script ( he is a little bit rusty after time away).  Wendy as she learns to type the Pwo Karen script.

Richard and Wendy as they prepare and learn how to translate the Scriptures into Pwo Karen.

That they would have opportunities to talk with their neighbour about the Lord.

Their new co-workers, the Hunzinker family, as they move to the town two hours away from Richard and Wendy, and unity as they work and minister together.

Thank you so much for standing with them in this huge job of ministering among the Pwo Karen.