Great excitement

It is with great excitement that Philip and Vina Le Roux share their plans to start the Bible teaching! It has been such a long journey to get to this point, and their hearts are filled with excitement and apprehension as they embark on this important task before them.

It has long been a question in their minds as to whether they should teach once in a big group or rather teach several times at people’s homes. They decided to have a more personal, intimate meeting at people’s homes. The reason for deciding this is that they can better keep account of who is attending regularly, people will be more free to ask questions, and will feel more inclined to attend when their absence is noticed.

A small survey to see what interest there was in attending and who would open their homes to them for teaching had an overwhelmingly positive response with 100% of people they asked wanting to attend, and all eight homes agreeing to let them teach there. Therefore, they we will be teaching in eight different locations nine times a week. Especially pray for Philip, as he will be teaching many people without any days off for the near future.

Teaching at people’s homes has some challenges. Houses are small, so teaching needs to take place outside. There is no lighting outside and most homes just have one light bulb inside. They will need chairs for all who attend, a speaker and microphone, water and plastic cups (it is hot and people will be with them for two to three hours), a snack for each person as it is customary in a gathering, a separate area to teach the kids and kids teaching resources. Teaching outside means, they are dependent on good weather. Pray that the Lord will provide dry weather during the teaching times.

As they do not have the finances for plastic chairs, Phil has been making bamboo benches for some of the areas. They can be quite uncomfortable to sit on for several hours, so they still hope to be able to purchase the chairs instead. Please pray with them for the Lord to supply according to His will.

To keep the children entertained and to teach them the truths’ of God’s Word, they will be doing a children’s programme. Please pray for Vina as she puts the programme together and teaches the kids. They have a puppet show that Angelique and Boeta will help with. They carved the puppets out of an old foam cushion and used old clothes to dress them. They will do a short show at the beginning of every lesson, and then they will teach from the chronological teaching for kids. Please pray that the children will come to a saving knowledge of Him.

Philip and Vina are so thankful for the eight families that have opened their homes to them. Please pray for them specifically. Pray that they would not experience persecution from others who may not like what Philip and Vina say. Also pray that the Lord will keep them from the attacks of the enemy and above all please pray for their salvation.

Thank you for standing with Philip and Vina in prayer! They look forward to updating you soon with news of the teaching.